Freshly picked by John Mayer himself!

Want to hear a great song? (I mean a REALLY great song?)

I taught a songwriting class at Berklee College of Music in Boston in March where I heard so many talented songwriters play some really great songs. Very few of the students have yet to record the songs they played for me, but Ken Yates wrote a tune called “I Don’t Wanna Fall in Love” and posted a live video of it on YouTube. This song moved me when I first heard it in the room and it still does today.

I love teaching at Berklee because I get to meet the artists that are going to keep the music world going strong before the rest of the world does.

Enjoy, two years early.

(lots of love to everyone else that day who fearlessly played their songs for myself and the rest of the room.)


Wow John Clayton Mayer himself has promoted this man right here, and it’s probably because JM told me that this is a good song, but… this is a pretty good song lol.


Wow… I just listened to the words to this song and its very similar to John Mayer’s songs. It’s kinda sad…

I don’t wanna fall in love, cause fallin in love is a brand new start. It’s an open door for you to go and break my heart.

Sometimes I wish I was one of those guys with a heart of stone and easy goodbyes…

I’m scared you’d might find out that you’re too good for me.

This is real good stuff, all he needs is God-like guitar riffs and he’s got what it takes to be the next John Mayer lol. Kind of excited now to see what else this guy comes out with.

And another thing… imagine going to Berklee and taking a course with John Mayer as the professor! Lol, the guy probably comes to class baked and just plays his guitar riffs while his students record it and put it up on youtube. Actually, all kidding aside, if there’s anyone more qualified to teach a class in song writing, it’s John Mayer. This is the guy that goes out with anyone/anything he wants, breaks up with them a few months later and releases an album lol. He clearly does his research for his album, and he puts in the work to come up with material for his songs. He is truly a lyrical genius. I know some people, or actually, a lot of people will disagree and tell me he’s a douche or whatever, but learn to separate John Mayer the a-hole from John Mayer the artist. He’s seriously a talented guy, don’t be jealous.


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