Sauce-Injected McNuggets


[Photographs:Robyn Lee]

Sometimes life presents you with opportunities that are simultaneously utterly ridiculous but simply too good to pass up on. Case in point: What do you do when you have a buttload of leftover McNuggets and sauce from McDonalds sitting on your desk right next to a plastic syringe?*

*don’t ask what the nuggets and syringe were doing there in the first palce.

You inject the nuggets with sauce, of course.


There’s not really much to say about this project that the pictures don’t already explain much better. I opted for the Tangy Barbecue sauce not because I love the careful balance of herbs and spice or the gentle, tangy heat, or even its sweet kick, but because it was the only one that looked like it was a truly inject-able consistency.


“Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit,” I thought of saying (I didn’t really say it).


There was a touch of excess, but nothing a few deft licks couldn’t take care of.


And there you have it. McNuggets with the sauce built-in, and they tasted exactly like you’d think. Are there any real advantages to eating these over the traditional dip-and-pop method? Not really. But after downing a couple of’em, regular McNuggets just feel so… empty inside.

I predict that these will hit the stores within the next 6 months, perhaps starting in Asia or Kansas for a test run before hitting the rest of the U.S. mass market. You listening Ronald? I want full credit for this, ok?

P.S. When Ed gets back to the office next week I’m gonna have a tough time explaining why there’s a BBQ-sauce-tinged syringe sitting on my desk. Wanna help me think of excuses?

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So far this month I’ve been lucky enough to eat some delish food around NY/NJ and here are some pics I took of my fabulous meals 🙂

Santa Fe Steak Salad w/ fresh Avocados (Northvale Diner)

Louisiana Chicken Pasta (Cheesecake Factory)

Jjajang Myun + Kampungi (some chinese restaurant in palpark)

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May 21, 2011

Finished the first draft of my final paper at 2AM and went to bed… I woke up to this guy rubbing his wet nose into my unshaven, rapist beard 😛

Normally, I would push him off my bed but we gave him a bath last night so he was all clean and smellin like a champ so i just told him to “BACK THE F*CK OFF!!” and he did lol.

About 3 hours later I woke up and went to get 자장면(jjajangmyun) with my sister. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this because I was STARVING and didn’t have time to even think about taking a picture.

After I ate like a pig I took Oliver for a walk;

"wanna go for a walk??" "YYYYYEAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Let's do this

Oliver doin his thang

I think Oliver might have been off his game today, he usually poops at the corner of my block but today he just kept pulling me towards someone's lawn and I figured he wanted to just sniff something out but he just took a crap there lol. I picked it up of course and then he just stopped walking... I think it was too hot for him, so we came back 😛

uhh ya I just took this right now... he's tired lol

I have like the worst food coma right now wow. I really wanna play ball though cuz its mad nice out, but im also very sleepy… I also wanna go to GSP to shop lol. need to pick up some chino shorts at jcrewjcrewjcrewjcrew 😛

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

  1. i don’t know why, but most people don’t know im a student =\
  2. i have a fashion blog LOL
  3. due to some unforeseeable circumstances, i’ve lost my license, so stop asking me to drive here and there
  4. i may or may not be addicted to shopping
  5. i am obsessed with watches, especially this one, which ive been wanting for over 1 full year now 😦
  6. i got over the whole facebook craze, which means im rarely ever on it. so please, if i dont reply to ur msg or comment dont complain or be offended
  7. i love 자장면(jjajangmyun)                                       
  8. i love basketball
  9. im extremely conceited.
  10. i think oliver is one of the coolest dogs i know (i know many dogs fyi)
  11. i like girls with a hefty amount of eyeliner
  12. i enjoy working out because its a great stress reliever. when im at the gym all other thoughts get washed away and all that matters is pumping iron 😛
  13. im a pretty emotional guy, sometimes a bit too much for my own good =\
  14. im a total nerd/geek; i love reading about new technology/gadgets
  15. i cannot live without music. and i LOVE john mayer. i think ive listened to at least one john mayer song every single day over the past 4 years… it’s that serious.