BEST workout song!


Yeah, if this doesn’t motivate you to get in the gym and deadlift 400lbs…. I don’t know what will… you might be a lost cause.


Day and Night

So I’ve been sick the past few days and the hardest part has been missing my the gym. Thank God that I usually only get sick during breaks and not during the semesters because I HATE missing lectures… back in middle school and high school, I would pray for the flu to miss classes, but in college, missing one lecture is like missing half the semester. Anyways, while I was home recovering I did some shopping (clothes obviously), and I finally got around to ordering FatGripz. They’re basically a hard rubber grip that you wrap over the bar of dumbbells, barbells, pullup bars etc. It activates the weaker muscles in your arms to increase grip strength. Seems like a good idea, and from what I’ve read up on it, looks like a legitimate product and a good addition to any workout. I’m hoping this thing comes as I get over my flu, or whatever I have. If it arrives before I get better, I know I won’t be able to control myself and I’ll hit up the gym while I’m sick and I’ll get even sicker… that’s usually what happens lol.

But I’m seriously hoping this passes quickly. I’m not sure how I got so sick… it might have been because I slept with the windows opened a few nights ago and it was freezing cold overnight, and I usually sleep with only my boxers on… =\ So, since Saturday night I’ve been basically chugging this value pack of DayQuil and NyQuil. I actually started taking antibiotics last night because my tonsils are like swollen as shit and it’s killing me… But the main thing I’ve been taking is the DayQuil and NyQuil. I don’t ever use that measuring cup, I just drink it straight up lol. I usually drink this shit till it’s gone, even if I start feeling better, I don’t ever take the chance of letting the sickness tricking me, so I take the DayQuil and NyQuil until it’s empty. Plus, NyQuil is so awesome at night. I always try to fight the sleepiness and then when I eventually get into bed it’s the best feeling ever… it’s like I’ve been sleep deprived for YEARS and I’m finally able to sleep… greatest sleep ever. Oh and this NyQuil is cherry flavored so it’s like drinking cherry cough drops 🙂

Can’t wait till I’m not sick anymore because I really need to go back to the gym and play basketball… can’t wait for the FatGripz to come in damn it!

Day 30 – A photograph of youself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

I don’t have a picture of myself… unfortunately… but while I was waiting for the bus last night I did snag a quick pic of my extremely distressed jeans [knee] and my boat shoes. I felt a little uncomfortable doing this at first because there was this one girl who was just staring at me the entire time we were waiting for the bus (20minutes). I’m not sure if she was day dreaming and happened to be looking at me when she went off on her journey, but nevertheless, she stared at me and it was AWKWARD… but only for the first 10minutes. After that, I just figured, she’s ugly, and I’ve got no reason to impress her, so I just ate my pretzel m&ms and drank my JambaJuice and took this picture… ok so now I’ll answer the question;

three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

  1. I got a 90% and then a 100% consecutively on my Business Statistics exam… which I thought was a pretty good thing since the class is absolutely ridiculous.
  2. I got new basketball shoes lol (my life is so average)
  3. I increased my deadlift and squat by a considerable amount 😛 Deadlift; 325lbs, Backsquat; 335lbs

So yeah my life is so average its almost funny lol…

I’m kind of sad now that this challenge is over… I can’t believe I actually did this thing for 30 days lol wow… I need a life……. jk im awesome. Time to find another challenge 🙂

Day 27 – A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?

May 2010

I don’t think much has changed over the past year, well a good amount has happened but I haven’t changed much.

May 2011

I guess if I had to think of what has changed… umm… I now go to church pretty consistently and I guess I can now call myself a member of 180 church. I still work out, but I think now I’m working out for a different purpose, which is to just stay in good, healthy shape. This year, I stopped being such a slut. I’ve been shopping for myself quite a bit now that I’ve got some extra money. I lost my license so I’ve lost almost all mobility in my life. I have time to watch TV shows again, and I started playing bball again and it’s very refreshing to be able to get outside and play a sport that I can say I don’t suck at lol. This year, I sorta don’t listen to John Mayer as much (I still listen to at least one John Mayer song a day). I started a tumblr, which is getting a fairly good amount of followers these days. I cut back on going out to eat at restaurants, mostly because of my lack of mobility, but also because I stopped dating, almost completely 😉 uhhh what else… I think that’s it… this challenge was sorta boring =\

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

  1. i don’t know why, but most people don’t know im a student =\
  2. i have a fashion blog LOL
  3. due to some unforeseeable circumstances, i’ve lost my license, so stop asking me to drive here and there
  4. i may or may not be addicted to shopping
  5. i am obsessed with watches, especially this one, which ive been wanting for over 1 full year now 😦
  6. i got over the whole facebook craze, which means im rarely ever on it. so please, if i dont reply to ur msg or comment dont complain or be offended
  7. i love 자장면(jjajangmyun)                                       
  8. i love basketball
  9. im extremely conceited.
  10. i think oliver is one of the coolest dogs i know (i know many dogs fyi)
  11. i like girls with a hefty amount of eyeliner
  12. i enjoy working out because its a great stress reliever. when im at the gym all other thoughts get washed away and all that matters is pumping iron 😛
  13. im a pretty emotional guy, sometimes a bit too much for my own good =\
  14. im a total nerd/geek; i love reading about new technology/gadgets
  15. i cannot live without music. and i LOVE john mayer. i think ive listened to at least one john mayer song every single day over the past 4 years… it’s that serious.


1×10 135lbs

1×8 215lbs

1×3 315lbs (seen in video)

1×1 315lbs

1×1 315lbs

1×1 335lbs

I think this is a pretty big accomplishment for me, considering I dropped 8lbs this week too. The first time I ever did 315lb was when I was at my heaviest; 178lbs. If you look at my workout, you can see that I wasn’t really planning on increasing the weight after my 3 reps of 315lbs, I was just set on doing 2 more sets of 315lb @ 1rep, but after my 5th set, I decided to add 10lbs to each side. To my surprise, I put it up pretty easily, and with pretty good form too. I wish I had a video of that lol. Maybe next time. And excuse the grunting… but no one else was in the room and I put the music up pretty loud so no one could hear me lol I usually dont do the whole grunting thing… I’m not really sure why I was so loud tonight, maybe I was just really excited lol.

*I should probably try not to slam the weights down like that =\ I didn’t even realize I do that